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Michael Co

Michael’s expertise and dedication to our brokers’ success make him an invaluable support team member. With a focus on providing timely assistance and valuable resources, he ensures our brokers have the tools they need to thrive in their roles.

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Glizel Silvestre

Glizel’s dedication to providing top-notch support to our brokers is evident in every interaction. With a proactive approach and a friendly attitude, she helps our team members navigate challenges and efficiently achieve their goals.

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Danielle Tostes

Danielle’s empathy and professionalism make her a valuable asset to our customer support team. Her dedication to resolving inquiries promptly and effectively ensures our clients feel supported and valued throughout their journey.

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Rita Favaretto

Rita’s commitment to exceptional customer experiences ensures satisfaction at every touchpoint. She supports our customers and team members with meticulous attention to detail and a friendly demeanour, fostering trust and loyalty.

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Thiago Carrascosa

Thiago’s strategic leadership and operational expertise keep our team running smoothly. With a focus on efficiency and excellence, he ensures our processes are optimised for success, driving our company’s growth and reputation.

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Claudia Campos

Claudia’s dedication to her client’s financial well-being shines through every interaction. With a wealth of industry knowledge and a personalised approach, she helps clients achieve their homeownership goals with ease and peace of mind.

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Camila Batarra

Camila is renowned for her warm approach and expertise as a mortgage advisor. She simplifies processes, empowering clients to navigate their options confidently. With her adept guidance, Camila ensures that the client’s journey towards homeownership is seamless and stress-free.

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Mariana Mergl

Mariana’s attention to detail and professionalism make her a reliable partner in securing the perfect mortgage. She focuses on understanding her clients’ needs and delivers tailored solutions with care and expertise.

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Fabiano Santos

With over 20 years of experience in financial services, Fabiano is a trusted advisor in the mortgage process. His deep knowledge ensures clientes receive the best solutions. He is committed to guiding clients towards their homeownership goals with expertise and care.

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